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Do you ever find it difficult to juggle work, gym and healthy eating? Most of us feel exhausted after 9-5 work days and often develop very unhealthy habits. It is important to balance physical and mental health in order to live healthy. We offer 10 tips to gradually better your lifestyle, which have proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and reduce health problems.

Tip #1

Mindfulness meditation – Mindfulness means being in the present moment with an open and non-judgmental attitude. You can think of mindfulness practice as a workout for your brain–a way to keep strong, fit, and resilient.

Mindfulness Meditation

Tip #2

You don’t need to go to the gym everyday! Instead, walk (or bike) to work once in a while. Besides being a healthier choice, it’s also environmentally friendly!

Tip #3

Try to check your email less often. Leave work at work. We know it’s not easy but we have to try at least once a week!. Your mind and body will thank you.

Tip #4

Start writing your notes instead of typing them. Did you know that handwriting boosts your brainpower and helps you to easily remember things? Try writing down your daily “To Do’s” lists this week and tell us if it worked!

Tip #5

Feeling bored? Try something new every now and then. You don’t need to go on a hot air balloon ride but what about trying a new type of drink or food?

Tip #6

Socialize! Poor social connection is associated with poor emotional health and may even contribute to mental health conditions such as depression. So join a group, classor go on a retreat to meet people who share similar interests!

Friends socialize

Tip #7

Working out with music is a great way to get in a groove. So, pick your favorite tunes and you will definitely better enjoy your workouts, enhance and improve your performance.

Tip #8

Stretch every day and feel the benefits in your body. Move around easily, with less pain and even better, get rid of stress.

Tip #9

Goodnight, sweetheart. More than just boosting your mood or helping you to get rid of your under-eye circles, a good night of sleep improves your memory, curbs inflammation, spurs creativity and, even better, it helps you to enhance your performance. Are you getting enough sleep? Tell us what makes you sleep better.


Tip #10

“Be positive. A good attitude can change your life instantly. Yes, instantly. Your life experience becomes better because you choose to make it so; and then vibrationally, you will attract more to be enthusiastic about!”


A healthy lifestyle is all about balancing exercise and healthy eating. Using these tips will make you feel better in your skin and you’ll have a more positive outlook on life. So we strongly encourage a healthy lifestyle and these steps make it so simple to achieve it! Remember “your body is a physical shell that takes you through life and if you readily abuse it, it will wear out quickly” (Chua).  Share these tips with family and friends and help them step towards a healthier life.