Last Wednesday, June 21st, was the International Day of Yoga. Officially proclaimed by the United Nations on December 11th, 2014, this day commemorates the many health benefits of this fascinating sport of Indian origin. Since then, yoga lovers from all around the world have been joining hands (and legs and feet) in saluting the sun, announcer of a wonderful, special new day: Yoga Day! At Retrigo, we are glad to join the fun and explain why you should, too.

Physical Benefits

Yoga is an ideal sport for improving body posture and flexibility while developing muscle strength, making up for the perfect balance for a healthy body. Flexible joints and strong muscles can help reduce the risks of arthritis and the frequency of aches and pain in the limbs, as well as solidifying the bones to reduce the risks of osteoporosis that comes with aging.

Your rejuvenated body will then be able to make your blood circulate more easily and oxygenate your cells more efficiently. This helps decrease the risks of strokes and heart attacks caused by blood clots. Your lymph, a viscous fluid rich in immune cells, will also be drained better, which will help your lymphatic system combat potential infection, kill cancerous cells, and eliminate toxic waste products of normal cellular functioning.

Mental Benefits

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed after a long day? Or, in the opposite way, maybe you want to start your day feeling fresh and energized? Either way, yoga’s got you covered! Thanks to its relaxing, yet tough-to-execute poses, you will start your day with an energy boost that will make you more focused throughout the day. If you repeat the process when coming back home, you will relieve any stress you may have acquired during the day. Coworkers or clients bothering you at work? One cat pose might just hiss away all your worries!

All reasons are good for stretching those limbs on Yoga Day (or any day, for that matter!). It is never too early or too late to seize the day with a sun salutation and to make the most out of it. Yoga will allow you to find peace within yourself before setting off to build peace in the world around you.

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