Business Managers have slowly come around to realize that healthy employees are happy employees, and those are the ones that perform best.  The modern tendency toward workplace wellness programs has shown itself to be more than a passing fad.  It’s here to stay, and it makes sense.  So beyond just seeking out the fastest software or restructuring departments for a more efficient chain of command, progressive Managers are now researching nutrition, exercise, stress release, and paid vacations.  It would appear that whoever wins the Corporate Workplace Wellness race might just emerge with the best fiscal results too.  There are many new corporate wellness trends to improve the workplace nowadays, and you need to start implementing them, or get left behind.


Work-Life Balance: An Everyday Thing

Indeed, it’s not a one time per year thing anymore, or the prize for a sales contest. It’s an everyday thing now, and a must. Workers need to be provided healthy options throughout the year to keep them motivated, fueled for productivity, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Especially since the new generation is taking over, and Millennials’ passion for wellnesscannot be denied.  The younger members of your staff place personal well-being ahead of a corner office or a fancy title.  Many next-generation employees even place salary below a healthy work-life balance, and not burning out by age 30.


New Corporate Wellness Trends

So just what is the magic formula?  These are a few movements to get a handle on, going forward:


  1. Physical Fitness:New workplace wellness programs also include incentives to exercise, whether in or outside the office, as well as paid holiday retreats for fitness and funare also a growing trend. Companies should make all information, guidance, and even physical resources available for their people to exercise more.  How about a morning passive stretchingroutine or even a walk around the block first thing in the morning —or at lunch— to get their blood pumping and increase mental awareness?  If you can create a budget for subsidized gym memberships, this will surely be appreciated by the troops.

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  1. Better Nutrition Matters for Healthy Employees:Modern corporate culture has done away with soft drinks, cakes, and donuts. Swap out the chips and cookie vending machine for a refrigerator full of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and healthy drinks.  Cater breakfast or lunch twice a month with organic local produce: low-fat, low-sugar, reduced salt, and full of the nutrients they need to fuel up. Replace pizza with chicken breast-topped salads and offer green tea alongside your coffee maker.


  1. Ergonomic Physical Environments:Get rid of those hypnotic fluorescent lights, update your ventilation system, and replace those stiff old office chairs with something that encourages healthy posture. Older computers cause eye damage, and proper ventilation will keep them working longer and more comfortably without needing a medical leave to recover.  Oh yes, and please ditch the 30-year-old carpets that trap dust and bacteria, while you’re abolishing the depressing cubicles.  Anyone take paid time off for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Then you know what to do with your old keyboards!


  1. Focus on Mental Health:It’s not cool to pretend you’re bulletproof anymore, to gain prestige. Everyone feels stress and will break down at some point.And it’s almost impossible to separate the pressures felt in our personal lives from work-related stress. When employees feel stressed with no hope in site, their productivity drops, low job satisfactioncreeps in, and the negative energy around the shop skyrockets.  This leads to despair and eventually year-long sabbaticals or people quitting en masse.

Start implementing stress management programs.  These include quiet rooms for meditation or even a nap, counselling programs, and an open-door policy where staff members can talk to their boss confidentially if they’re starting to suffer.

Flexibility for longer or more frequent vacations is becoming more prevalent among corporate wellness trends, too.  The importance of vacations for stress relief and overall healthcannot be overstated.  Business Managers must recognize that mental health is a huge part of their team’s wellbeing.


  1. Flexible Schedules:If we want to acknowledge the importance of a healthy work-life balance among modern corporate wellness trends, then allowing employees to create their own hours or work from home is mandatory. Technology is allowing people to be productive from anywhere in the world, so why insist they must be chained to their desks during traditional business hours?  Some of the largest corporations in the world have adopted flex-time, both in the hours and days worked.   These days, employers are realizing that flexible schedules and telecommuting options help employees become more productive, while avoiding the stress of ignoring their family or personal obligations.  And if they need extended time off to relax and restoretheir energy, or take care of something urgent, then let them.


What Else to Consider

Other recent corporate wellness trends center around:

  • digital wearable technology to track fitness
  • social committees for outside activity
  • friendly competition like weight-loss contests and fundraising for charities
  • education on healthy sleep habitsand incentives to promote better rest
  • personal finance counselling
  • more natural light in the office
  • plants, an aquarium, and other forms of nature in the workplace


A Holistic Approach

Responsible Business Owners and Managers are now understanding the importance of corporate wellness trends as the new reality.  They are taking a holistic approach to keeping their employees happy and healthy, which includes their physical, nutritional, mental, and even financial wellbeing.  With health insurance costs rising, a struggling economy, and increasing turnover in many sectors, smart Managers will look to mould and retain a healthy and happy workforce.

About the Author: Sal Ragusa was born in 1976, and has lived half his life in Toronto and the other half in Montreal, where he currently resides. His comical and sometimes profound Social Media Posts are all the rage among his followers, and after years of being told that he should share his writing skills with the world, Sal has decided to bring his works to market.