Make a commitment

Find a friend and commit to keeping each other honest over the party season. If there’s someone waiting for you in the morning, chances are you’ll get home earlier and get your butt out of bed to work out.

Staying up late is for the weak

It’s simple; if you want to function properly, you need to get enough sleep. While you can generally cope with a late night here or there, subject yourself to a few in a row and your energy will take a dive. Not only will this start to make the party season punishing, tiredness can lead to poor food choices and skipped workouts. 


Exercise to energise

Jumping from party to party can be a lot of fun, but the late nights and increased drinking can zap your energy. It’s not unusual for people to take this as an excuse to skip their training when, in reality, there is no better way to clear out the cobwebs and get re-energised than to get into a workout. Remember, alcohol is a diuretic so it’s crucial to ensure you are well hydrated before and during and after exercise. Take it easy if you’ve had a big night.

Canapés are not a meal

Sure, party food is a convenient substitute for a meal but canapés, dips, cheeses and all the catering you usually find at festive functions just don’t cut it as healthy options. Get some wholesome, nutritious food into you before you head out. It’ll help you avoid temptation, make sure your body is properly fuelled and keep your energy levels higher

Look ahead

The end of the year is an exciting time but I often hear people getting pumped about the holidays they have coming up or lamenting the end to the trials of another year. Come on! There’s a whole new year of possibilities ahead. Use the time to consider what your goals will be in the coming year – in all aspects of your life. Having a positive outlook and enthusiasm for what’s ahead is something to celebrate. 

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