Eating well during the holidays is near impossible. There’s too much eggnog and Xmas baked goods going around for anyone to maintain a decent diet. Sweets and all the other holiday treats make gaining some winter pounds very easy, unless your working out like a mother trucker. So if you want to keep your figure throughout the holidays you best hit the gym, and we’ve got you covered as to where. CrossFit, the latest fitness craze, will get you toned and sexy this winter, and there are tons of gyms offerings CrossFit classes in Montreal. We’ve found gyms for nearly every area in Montreal, so start your New Year’s resolution early and get to Montreal’s many CrossFit gyms.


St. Henri: CrossFit Montreal

Address: 4850 Saint-Ambroise, Suite 100
Price: $144.83/month (6 months unlimited rate)
Special Features: 10,500 sq/ft of training space, Olympic Weight Lifting Room and was the first affiliate in eastern Canada.

East Pleateau: CrossFit CapOp

Address: 2242 A LaRivière
Price: $160/month (6 month unlimited rate)
Special Features: Private & group classes, kids classes, osteopathy & massage services

Mile End: Abbatoir CrossFit Plateau

Address: 5555 Casgrain suite 100
Price: $155,20/month (6 months unlimited rate)
Special Features: 12000 sq/ft facility, specialized classes and is home of Michel Letendre 3 times games competitor individual.

Laval: Option CrossFit

Address: 1640 de l’Avenir
Price: $105 / month (12 month unlimited rate)
Special Features: Technical classes, 25% student discount

St. Leonard: Citalfort Crossfit

Address: 6898 Jarry E
Price: $133,33/month (special 3 month unlimited rate)
Special Features: Personal trainers available, long daily schedule

St. Laurent : St. Laurent Crossfit

Address: 4937 Levy
Price: $150/month (4 month unlimited rate)
Special Features: Workouts and gym records kept online, yoga + weightlifting classes and has a great CrossFit kids program.

Cote des Neiges: CrossFit TMR

Address: 5475 Pare Street
Price: $110/month (6 month rate),  $90/month (student 6 month rate)
Special Features: Dietary program, personal training

GriffinTown: L’usine CrossFit

Address: 1499 William
Price: 130/month + 135 fee (6 month unlimited rate)
Special Features: Competitive events, 18, 000 sq/ft facility with health bar and went to the games the last three years in the Team division.

Westmount: CrossFit Westmount

Address: 5024 Sherbrooke West
Price: $110/month (1 year unlimited rate)
Special Features: Varied classes + workshops, free trials

 Source Cred: MTLblog