Ever thought of going on a boat retreat, holiday or seminar? When most people imagine a boat, they think of large cruise-ships, with over 2500 people. Some people may like these kinds of holidays, but not me… so let me take you on another adventure.

Please close your eyes and now visualize a luxury sailboat, with a wood hull and 2 masts, 8 double cabins well equipped with their private bathroom. Sunbeds are laid on the front deck, and a big wooden table awaits at the back already dressed with mouth-watering dishes. Now that’s better for a retreat!

5 reasons a boat is the ultimate location for a retreat

1- Retreat from the world. Going offshore means being far from the land, far from the well-known routine, far from the others. It’s a very good way to retreat from the city and the people, and put the focus on yourself. With only a few passengers on the boat, and a lot of time for selfcare, one week away feels like two weeks off. In a couple of days, you feel rested and relaxed, after 4 days you forget to check your phone every other hour, and after 6 days you’re energized and ready to rock your personal and professional life that awaits upon your return.

2- Evolve in the middle of nature. Wild coasts, deserted creeks, wild animals, plants and flowers ; mother earth offers the perfect surroundings for a fresh breath and a touch with your inner-self. Every day, the boat takes you to different places, authentic, sublime, natural. Wether you’re swimming or bathing in the creek, canoeing or paddling along the coast, hiking to the top of the hill or fetching some wild fruits, spending days in contact with nature is always a great idea to recharge your batteries. The quietness of the sea balances the noisy city-life, enhancing the resting and going back to your senses.

3- Stay in the present moment. Listen to the wind in the sails or the waves gently rocking the boat. Smell the oregano or the wild sage of the hills, inhale the salty air. Feel your body immersed in the sea or the sun softly warm up your skin. Admire the panoramas offered when navigating, the superb coasts and islands, the magnificent Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Taste the delicious local fresh products and savour the typical dishes cooked by the Chef, healthy meals to please your palate. Cruising is ideal to focus on your 5 senses and fully live in the present moment.

4- Follow the flow and simply relax. Everything is already set up, no need to worry about scheduling or planning, wondering what to eat or preparing meals, running errands or cleaning… All is taken care of so you only have to relax and enjoy. Going on a cruise has the benefits of having crew members dealing with all the chores for you, and your attendant is making sure all is smoothly operated. Let your guide relate great anecdotes of the places you visit and your wellness coach share tips while delivering his/her training. Put your mind at rest and savour the present moment.

5- Experience more. When the boat navigates, it’s the ideal time for a read, a nap, a chat with the group, or maybe simply enjoying the views. When the boat casts anchor in a creek, you’ll get to dive into the sea, go for some snorkeling or paddling, spend time in nature, going on your own or being with other passengers. And when the boat docks on the pier, you’re ready to visit a charming village or a lovely cultural site. In a week-time, you can discover more places than if you were staying in a hotel. No bus involved, your boat is taking you to the most beautiful places, enjoy the trip!

5 reasons a boat is the ultimate location for a retreat

Here are some reviews from people who have already lived this single experience:

« An enchanting retreat, discovering the wild beauty of the region going off the beaten track. The kindness of the crew, all the charming little islands, and the positive energy of our fantastic coach and guide. An amazing human adventure with lots of giggles, nights under the stars, thanks a million! » Elisa, passenger of the WellnessBoat, August 2017.

« Not only a wonderful touristic trip, it was a beneficial soul-searching I will always remember. Great encounters, thank you for helping me grow and foresee a new path. Thank you for all the talking, the giggling, the diving and the outstanding kindness of our hosts! » Victoire, passenger of the WellnessBoat, September 2017.

When you’ve tried cruising once, you might stay under its spell, and I promise there’s nothing healthier for your mind and body. Are you ready to depart? Welcome on board!

About the author: Cyrielle is a former Parisian fashion addict who’s now voguing between Greece & Turkey on a luxury sailboat sharing wellness & happiness tips with her passengers. Her mission is to encourage people to take care of themselves through their own-designed wellness routine. She is training in positive psychology and knows many talented wellness experts, organizing retreats with them on the WellnessBoat.