Kids, house, parents, job, PTA meetings, soccer practice, fundraisers, maybe a social life… the demands made of the today’s modern parent seem to never end!  Already feeling overwhelmed and not having enough time to breathe every day, where on earth can you find the chance to take care of yourself?  It’s a real balancing act, but it is possible.  Let’s talk about how busy parents find time to exercise.


There are a few different approaches people seem to take towards this, and hey, do whatever works for you. However, one thing you do not want to do is add more confusion and traffic to your already “congested” lifestyle.  Take some time to think this out, and make a plan.  The first piece of advice you should follow is: stop procrastinatingand get organized.


That’s right, it might sound like work or something your boss would force you to do.  But sitting down with a calendar book or daily organizer software and a list of your obligations is the smartest place to start.  This way you have a clear plan, including:

  • An hourly To-Do List for each day
  • A better idea of how long each activity should last
  • An itinerary of where you need to be (for the commute)
  • The ability to prioritize and eliminatethe things that aren’t essential
  • A way of reminding yourself to rest, and even stop to eat!

If the conclusion at the end of all this is that you “don’t have time to exercise”, then you’re doing something wrong.  This is a clear sign that you are overrun with too much responsibility, or spend too much time on things that don’t provide benefit.  A famous quote among Meditation Teachersis “Do 20 minutes a day of meditation to stay healthy. If you think you don’t have time for this, do 40 minutes.”  In the big picture, what could be more important than your health? If busy parents don’t find time to exercise, then not only are they setting themselves up for early health problems and losing their independence at a young age, but they are also setting a bad example for their children.  Sound harsh?  Well, shouldn’t physical fitness and overall wellnessbe a priority to teach your kids as they approach adulthood?


Another strategy that works: find ways to squeeze in small exercises in between other tasks.  We’ve all heard that taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a good idea, and that’s true.  How about a power-walk during yourlunch hour workout?  A few stretches or jumping jacks right before your morning shower, or leg extensions under your desk at work can make a difference over time!


One more smart approach for you: incorporate your kids into your workout.  Instead of trying to find ways around them, and insist on being alone, why don’t you involve your munchkins and make it fun for everyone?  If not, you might never find that ideal perfect moment of solitude.

The point here is: we’re all busy, and you’re not likely to find massive amounts of free time until after retirement.  Since that’s a long way off and your body needs exertion asap, then…

  • Get organized
  • Make your wellness a priority
  • Don’t put it off till that perfect moment
  • Incorporate small exercises into your daily routine
  • Involve your kids where possible


Many busy parents find time to exercise.  You should be one of them.  Wear your busy life like a badge of honour, and live healthily ever after!




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About the Author: Sal Ragusa was born in 1976, and has lived half his life in Toronto and the other half in Montreal, where he currently resides. His comical and sometimes profound Social Media Posts are all the rage among his followers, and after years of being told that he should share his writing skills with the world, Sal has decided to bring his works to market.