Camping culture

Camping has been an important part of North American life since the very beginnings, whether for survival or (more recently) as a form of recreation.  Popular culture changes have both pushed people away from, or drawn people closer to camping over the decades.  We’re influenced by mass media and evolutions in technology, but one thing remains the same: camping is a fantastic way to “get away from it all” and reconnect with nature.  It’s not very expensive, almost anyone can do it, and usually has a very calming meditative effect.  What better way of leaving the stresses of modern-day big-city living behind for a couple of days?  Well camping in North America is on an upswing in 2018, and we invite you to rediscover an outdoor lifestyle!


Younger Campers are Doing Different Things

Studies have shown the average age of campers is dropping each year, and this is changing the culture of camping for everyone.  Camping continues to evolve into a strictly social activity, with outdoor physical activities taking over from passive recreation.  Hiking has surpassed fishing for the most popular activity for the first time ever in North America, with kayaking and mountain biking also on the rise.  The conclusion for camping culture?  Incorporating physical fitness into our relaxation time.

Camping culture

The Benefits of Modern Camping Culture

The advantages of camping are becoming more diverse and have shown to be increasing from the past.  Since the younger generation and campers in general are uncovering the physical and psychological health benefits of camping outdoors, they are now choosing this as their recreation more often in recent years.

North American camping enthusiasts are reporting amazing levels of stress reduction, emotional wellness, improvement in their physical condition, all leading to an overall healthier lifestyle.  Most in the Millennials and Generation-X age groups claim they are more physically active than their non-camping friends of the same age.  About 70% of them say their physical fitness is “very good” or even “excellent”.  Apart from the exercise enjoyed, remember that you’re away from all the pollution, noise, and society’s self-destructive addiction to faster living.  Your lungs breathe clean air, and your mind can rest.

Why Choose Camping in Particular?

The main reasons why people these days (especially the surging teen and 20-something groups) choose camping are:

  1. To spend more time with family and friends
  2. They can be physically active at camp
  3. To truly connect with nature
  4. Rest, relaxation and exercise to relieve stress
  5. Camping allows them more total time vacationing
  6. It’s more affordable than other options (in a tough economy)


Where to go?

For the first time ever in June 2018, Retrigo (your Health & Wellness Retreats provider) will launch its Summer Camp for everyone to enjoy.  This unique activity will be an amazing experience that includes a mix of competitive events, white water rafting, campfires and parties.  2 nights accommodation, meals, most activities and party time are all included in the low registration price.  Camp Retrigo is a perfect opportunity to team-build with coworkers or friends and meet new people, while escaping the every day and recharging in a stimulating environment.  Something to consider for the beginner as well as the experienced camper!

camp retrigo