So we’re about 2 weeks into the new year. And let’s face it, you broke that new years resolution as soon as you sobered up on New Years Day. But it’s okay, because everyone needs time to take a step back, and really asses their resolutions. Now that you’ve had some time for consideration, its time to dive into the most common one of all, getting fit!  Now, three weeks into the new year, it’s time to get down to business. It’s not too late to set a resolution, and never too late to start getting fit

Montreal Gyms Energie

Energie Cardio

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Why: Equipped with state of the art facilities, Energie Cardio makes for a fun and friendly fitness experience. Alongside their fantastic personal trainers who will guide your way through the fitness room, Energie Cardio also offers dozens of group classes and programs. Classes such as indoor biking, energy yoga, boot camp, zumba and pilates movement are only a few of the dynamic courses that are provided at this fitness center. Energie Cardio Pour Elle is also available for women who prefer to surround themselves among other women during their work out.


Nautilus Plus

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Why: Not only does Nautilus Plus offer some of the most high end and heavy duty equipment, it’s staff is geared to help those in need. When signing up to Nautilus gym, members have the option to join specific programs that are designed to fit their goals. For example, the Transform program provides its members with fitness plans, as well as nutrition plans. Nautilus Plus is equipped with highly trained professionals, as well as experienced nutrition specialists.

le gym

Le Gym

Where: 1455 de Maisoneuve O. & 7200 Sherbrooke St. W.

Why: Le Gym is one of the most beautiful fitness centers in Montreal. Not only is the entire facility space surrounded by large glass windows, the gym’s members always make for some great eye candy. Le Gym is a part of Concordia University, so its students benefit from a membership discount of 50%. Le Gym also offers tons of fun fitness activities like martial arts, dance classes, aerobics and spinning. The Sherbrooke St. campus even has a golf driving range!


Midtown Le Sporting Club Sanctuaire

Where: 6105 Ave du Boisé Montréal

Why: This fitness center offers a lot more than standard equipment. Alongside a fully equipped fitness room, Sanctuaire has 6 indoor courts as well as 3 outdoor clay courts, an indoor pool and an outdoor whirlpool. At Sanctuaire, members are encouraged to transform their fitness experience into one with a social side. The club includes gathering areas and an intimate cafe, so that members can have fun during and after their workouts by meeting others that have common goals.


Monster Gym

Where: 2101 route Trans-Canada, Dorval

Why: For those who live in the West Island, this one is for you! Monster Gym continues to be the only 24 hour fitness center in Canada, and its member love it! With over 40,000 square feet of equipped space, Monster Gym provides its members with highly specialized trainers as well as body building experts. Monster Gym even has its own fitness supplement store, a boxing range, a running track, a pool and jacuzzie, an outdoor gym, a sauna and women’s only section.  With it’s 24 hour availability, there’s never an excuse to skip your workout!


Econo Fitness


Why: Econo Fitness, the child of Energie Cardio, is one of the most affordable fitness centers in Montreal. Geared to provide its members with a fun experience that won’t hurt their bank account, Econo Fitness is designed to actively serve its members. Along side a fully equipped fitness room, Econo Fitness has tanning machines as well as massage beds. Unlike many fitness centers, Econo Fitness also allows members to freeze their current rate ($10-$20 monthly, depending on the package) at any point, so if you’re package increases in price, you won’t have to start paying more.



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Why: CrossFit challenges the conventional format of a fitness center by allowing members to workout in a diversified and specialized way. CrossFit is a training system that invited new comers to practice different sorts of training exercises inspired by gymnastics, Olympic lifting, track and field, and strong man contests. Group training sessions are highly encourage at CrossFit, which makes this center into a fun and dynamic work out experience.


Studio MissFit

Where: 3655 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Why:  The concept behind Montreal’s MissFit is the first of its kind. This fitness center is designed specifically for women and encourages them to participate in activities such as military boot camp, pilates, gymnastics and football drills. Studio MissFit invites women to workout among others while feeling comfortable, confident and goal oriented.

Source Cred: MTLblog