Are you already practicing a healthy lifestyle? If not yet, it`s time to start. We are here to help you and show you that it is not as difficult as it seems. For sure, this will be pleasurable. We share some ideas from eco-friendly tourism to retirement of well being.

eco-friendly tourism

Healthy feed

In the 21st century, everyone knows that foods affect directly our health, mood, weight, energy and aging process. So, it’s very important to start with this topic. We are what we eat. We do not want any more stored food to be consumed months later, we are looking for fresh and healthy food, and better quality of life that the consumption of organic food has been growing.

Detox juices are the darlings of this time, they have several benefits, among them, are: weight loss, reduces inflammation and promote healthy skin.

If you want to have a healthier life, certainly food reeducation is an important point.

Health lifestyle trends

Transformational travel

The tourism industry grows every year, but the behavior of travelers has been changing. They do not want to travel anymore to go a historical place and have a beautiful photography, they are looking for a trip of body and soul, to live their fantasy and thus to change their habits and behaviors.

Live temporarily with locals, learn a new language and practice physical exercises or do a Yoga on the safari, a perfect combination of nature, adventure and relaxation that is sure to change the way we see the world, or climb the Everest that involves an emotional control with much training. These are the types of travel been gaining new adepts. What people want is a personalized trip for those who want something catered to their needs.

Yoga Safari Retreat

In order to save the planet, many health and wellness retreats are offering a sustainable experience. Accommodation with solar energy, reuse of rain water, ecological walks and healthy organic food grown in the local gardens. Certainly, this type of adventure will be a journey without guilt.

And for you, what are the next trends in healthy lifestyle?


About the Author: Vitor Correia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been living in Montreal. Passionate about sports and travel. He found in Retrigo the opportunity to gather work and leisure.