So you decide to go on a retreat travel, on a carefully incredible destination.  You have beautiful photos that you want to share and keep as memories but don’t know what to do with all the pictures you took.

store my pictures

With digital cameras on our phones photography is so accessible that we do not need to be selective of what we capture, and end up shooting everything. Some of the photographs we take end up on the wall of our houses or on the shelf in a living room, but the rest we simply don’t want to delete. The question is: how to store so many pictures?

First of all, make your life easier and group the pictures into folders with the dates and the names of the places that they have been taken. It is much simpler to find the photo of that anniversary of that year with that special moment. Done that, it’s time to take the pictures off the computer.

store my pictures

DVD or USB Key:

A quick solution is to record the images into a DVD or, if your computer is one of those that no longer have the readers of this type of media, use a USB key instead. DVDs can be storage on pins, which are towers for stacking multiple discs. The USB key can be grouped into boxes. Always remember to name your recordings, either with labels or pens to write on different surfaces.

External HD:

The external HD works like a pen drive with a bigger storage capacity, so you will not need as many amount as you would need if using a regular USB drive. There are different types, formats, sizes and prices available in the market.


This seems to be the safest way to store your photos. In a cloud your files are stored virtually on several servers and can be accessed wherever you are. All you need is internet and an account. The capacity limit is much higher and you can always increase this amount by buying additional spaces. The most commons known are Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Bitcasa.

CAUTION: So that every option presented above works well, it is important to always think about security and quality of your equipment, keep updates up to date, back up files and scan with antivirus whenever possible.

store my pictures


Of course, the good old photo album could not be left out of this list. Although it seems like an old habit, people have been gradually collecting once again the family albums, and I am particularly adept to this idea. You can even take a thousand photos of an event and save it to either the DVD, the USB key, the external HD or the cloud, but make sure to separate the best photos to make an album. You can print your photos and create an album in the style “do it yourself” or you can ask for a professional do the layout and print your album like an art book. It is great to see those pages full of stories from our life represented in pictures with memories and smiles. Keep your best memories always alive!

store my pictures



FOTOS: Camilla Cheade @camillacheade_fotografia

About the Author: Camilla Cheade a wedding, family and event photographer living in Italy. With her lens and her heart she tells stories through images, capturing true moments in an easy and fun atmosphere. She is passionate about traveling, discovering different cultures by listening, seeing and talking to people. If not with a camera, you will find her with a “gelato” (ice cream).