Everyone knows how hard is to improve our performance and to finally see results. It demands hard work, a lot of sweat and time, so much time of training and dedication. Nobody wants to lose those gains in a short period, is it right? However, it is very easy to forget all of this while we are traveling, especially because all we want is to relax and have a great time exploring a different place. We don´t want you to fail to keep your achievements, so we asked a personal trainer to give us some tips on how to keep your gains, or even upgrade them. Now we want to share those tips with you.

keep your gains

  • Stay active

We know how tempting is to lie down on the beach and fell the sun heating our skin, or, to hold on an itinerary to comply with and to forget to how much pleasure we get exercising our body. So, early in the morning, take a run, do some bodyweight exercises before enjoying your moment to relax. Instead of taking a taxi or subway, why do not walk to the sightseeing you want so bad to know? You can even be surprised by the many places you will discover that were not on the “must see tourist map”.  Take the stairs whenever it is possible. At the end of the day, you will have burned a lot of calories without even realizing it.

  • Be prepared

Better than doing random exercises be prepared! Get some easy exercises routines with your personal trainer before getting on the plane. If you do not have a personal trainer, look for YouTube videos showing how to use bodyweight or small gears for a full body workout. Make sure to pack some bands and take advantage of them!

keep your gains

  • Eat Clean

Don’t relax too much on what you are putting inside your body. You can say to me, “come on buddy, I am on vacation”, but I will tell you, what you eat is very important to not lose track on your gains. Even if you don’t exercise, if you take care of your diet, you will not see all of your gains slipping through your fingers. Try to balance all that delicious temptations with health meals. Get back home with extra memories, not extra weight!

  • Go for it

Better than having to squeeze exercises in your vacation why not to travel for them? At Retrigo you can find many retreats in breathtaking landscapes. You can also create a personalized retreat that suits all your needs and wants. Does surfing in Brazil fascinates you? They have it ready for you! Yoga in Mexico? They have it too!

It doesn´t matter how you choose to keep your gains, the important is to keep them!