Craving for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle? Want to leave all your stress and worries aside, or even forget them altogether? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Retrigo has just the retreat for you: how about seven whole days of healthy living in Apoyo Lodge, Nicaragua? We promise you’ll feel energized like never before at the end of your stay!

By now, you must be asking yourself what exactly I mean by healthy living. Let me give you a few insights on this incredibly refreshing activity.

Travels and retreats of healthy living typically include a handful of stress-relieving activities, like relaxation, meditation, massage therapy, and yoga, to help customers free their minds of any worries of their everyday lives.

Healthy food

Hungry tummies will also have to take a break, this time from fast food and processed foods. All meals offered in healthy living retreats are plant-based and designed to provide a different taste in the mouth from some not-so-healthy urban foods. Herbal tea, lime water, coconut water, and the like are often offered as beverages to complete the nutritional balance.

Combine those components and you get the perfect recipe for a moment of pure bliss and alignment with your own needs and your own being. You will feel more in tune with yourself and more able to focus on enjoying the present moment in order to slowly let your worries out of your mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new Nicaraguan retreat today! And as always, have a great week and a happy retreat!

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