This year marks the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the city where Retrigo is based. On this special occasion, Montreal will reveal its numerous hidden charms to the world, visitors and locals alike. What better time to enjoy its cultural festivals, admire its tourist attractions, and, of course, go on a retreat there! The city is famous for its rafting activities along the St. Lawrence River (fleuve St-Laurent). If you want to celebrate the 375th like a real Montrealer, a rafting retreat will enable you to fit in and show your love and support for our splendid city.

What is Rafting?

Some of you may be thinking: “Rafting? Is that, like, the flat, wooden boat thingy that Robinson Crusoe built to escape the deserted island?”

Well, sort of, but not quite. Today, the purpose of rafting as a physical activity is not to escape a deserted island (at least, we hope not!), but to entertain, keep in shape, and provide a new and exciting experience for water lovers. This activity consists in riding an inflatable boat on a river by paddling through waves and sometimes avoiding obstacles on the way. The boats are designed to fit four to twelve people in, which makes rafting a fun experience for families.

Rafting in Montreal

There are a few types of rafting out there. The first one, white water rafting, is a must for people looking for an adrenaline boost. White water rafting is itself divided into several levels of challenge and risk. According to the International Rafting Federation (IRF), they range from Grade 1 to Grade 6, in which the chances of injury are quite high. It is highly recommended that inexperienced white water rafters start at Grade 1 and gradually move up as they gain ease and experience. Also, don’t forget your life vests and helmets!

If you’re the kind of person who rather enjoys relaxing to the beauty of nature, don’t go just yet, because gentler waters are also at your disposition! You can take your time to practice your paddling skills while contemplating a wonderful natural landscape and pondering deep philosophical questions (not too deep, though… we’re in water, after all!). When you want to free your mind of worries, an aquatic path is the way to go!

Whether you want to explore natural territories, new life possibilities, or even your full potential by challenging yourself, a rafting retreat will allow you to look beyond life’s concrete creations and see the true beauty in them. So go! Because if you go, there’s no telling where the wind will take you. There’s no telling how strong and enduring your paddling will be. There’s no telling how far you’ll go if you just… go.

Happy retreat and happy 375th Montreal anniversary!

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