For those looking for a long term martial arts adventure lifestyle while learning a new skill and becoming an Instructor in the Martial Science.

Rick Tew teaches people how to become instructors, leaders, and coaches in an area of expertise that they love so that they can create a life around their own needs and desires. This program is for anyone that wants a drastic change in their mental or physical skills.

Teaching Ninja

Whether you want to be an instructor of the Martial Arts, get into better shape, get out of the daily grind, or take on a new travel adventure, join our program now to get a life changing experience at a price you can afford.

Beginner or advanced Students are welcome to train with us on Ko Samui Island, Thailand. Learn how to teach martial arts as a career or part-time Ninja MMA job or just add to your leadership and management skills.

Take a vocational vacation and learn how to teach Martial Arts classes while improving your fitness and getting some adventure. We have VERY limited space, so act now and get the best deals for 2017.  CLICK HERE for full details and to book today!


Come to beautiful Ko Samui in Thailand for an Intensive Modern Ninjitsu Multi-Martial Arts Experience!

This Ninja-MMA Program is for students that want to invest time each day (typically 8 hours) into learning multiple martial art skills (strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defence, stances, rolls, falls, etc.), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full-contact sparring (commonly known as mixed martial arts). Founded on the principles of Modern American Ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in the arts of mind, body and the spirit.

The Program is designed to work for students of all levels of martial arts experience. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students. Come for one month and have the time of your life!


NINJA: The Ninja of Ninja-MMA represents the Modern American Ninjitsu system that we teach. If you love the martial arts or if you have always wanted to learn the martial arts, Rick Tew’s Ninja-MMA program has it all.

MMA: Many people would like to also get a chance to learn grappling or sparring and since this has been a part of our Ninja training since day one, we want to make a clear point that we do include full-contact training as an optional part of the multi-martial arts training. This is still something you can choose not to do too, as many students will prefer to stick to the Ninja Training which offers a complete and well-rounded system of martial arts.

If you are interested in learning as much as possible about the martial arts, have an interest in Modern Ninjitsu (or Ninja-MMA) or want to try something unique to shake up your life, our program could be the right fit for you. If you have other goals (like losing weight fast or adapting to the ketogenic diet) and just want a place to really focus, we can help.  CLICK HERE for full details and to book today!


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