packing for vacation

Holidays in the sun aren’t only about reading by the pool or lying on the beach.  Get out there and exercise, to improve on your mental and physical health.  But before you leave home, you’ll need to make sure you’ve packed your bags with the right gear!  What goes into packing for vacation, especially an active one?


Pack light, but be versatile.  Simple clothing and accessories that lend themselves to different places and activities.  Don’t get caught missing something essential for a sport or excursion, but don’t bring tons of heavy baggage either.  Think about the hot daytime as well as chillier nighttime.  Remember you’ll be in the water, but also in a restaurant in the evening.  You want to be comfortable, but classy too!  And certain things –which you normally never use– are buried in your basement or closet.  Don’t forget about those either when packing for vacation.

packing for vacation

If you need 2 of something, bring different types… one for different weather conditions or that can be used for different purposes.  For the ladies, one bikini and then a 1-piece bathing suit (at the minimum).  A tank top, a T-shirt, and a long sleeve pullover too, for layering.  Same for bottoms: shorts and long pants for different temperatures and environments.  Flip-flops for the sand, athletic shoes for a hiking trip, and heels for dancing.  A baseball cap or visor to shield your eyes, as well as a wider brimmed hat in case it rains.  Get the idea?


Swimwear: Essential!  Choose basic swimwear for splashing in the waves and tanning, but if you’re surfing, diving and swimming, you’ll need more specialized water gear (E.g. wetsuit). Grab plastic bags too, to keep your wet clothing separate after use.


Sunscreen: Pack broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF of at least 30) and make sure it’s waterproof.


Sunglasses: Remember to protect your eyes.  One pair for looks, and another more specialized (with strap?) for water sports or other active use.


Camera: It will get wet and probably bounce around or fall, so choose something waterproof and rugged, and don’t forget the charger and other accessories, along with somewhere safe to store it.


Fitness tracker: that wearable technology that measures your steps walked, heart rate, calories burned, and other metrics (E.g. Fitbit, Apple Watch).


Security pouch: A discreet, sealable container for the sand or near the pool, when you can’t always watch your valuables.  Something smart to prevent your belongings from attracting unwanted visitors.


Local currency: Don’t wait till after you land and don’t know where to go.  Exchange currency before you leave.  Bring a sufficient amount of local cash, in small bills, to get you through the first few days.


Other self-explanatory items: Your regular medication, anti-nausea and anti-diarrheal pills, a first-aid kit, 2 solid water bottles with screw-cap, small flashlight, cell phone charger, calling card, music player with earphones, personal grooming kit, extra socks and underwear, proper footwear.  And call your mother on arrival!

packing for vacation

Don’t stress out when packing for vacation.  Just make a thorough list (we created this beautiful and printable checklist just for you) and start preparing EARLY.  Gather your stuff in advance, spread it out over your bed, take inventory of what you have, and what’s missing.  Know in advance what you’re putting in your bag, and you won’t panic because you forgot something, on the way to the airport.  Oh… and here are some things you should never pack.


Now that you’ve finished packing for vacation, get out there and have fun on vacation!