Join us at Zante Fitness for 4 days of platonic yoga in spectacular Zakynthos Town, in majestic Greece.


If you’ve never dreamed of a vacation in Greece, start dreaming!  Zakynthos Town (aka Zakinthos) is the capital city of the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece.  Beautiful Zakynthos –also known by its Italian name Zante– is the third largest of the islands on the Ionian Sea.  Once you leave the amazing sandy beaches, set off to explore the rest of the island to discover plenty of forested wilderness and traditional rural villages.  Find spectacular scenery of the rugged west coast, where mighty limestone cliffs plummet down to unreal turquoise waters. The island’s nickname is “the Flower of the Levant”, bestowed upon it by the Venetians who lived there from 1484–1797.

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What is Platonic Yoga?

If you’ve never tried it, you might already be asking yourself: “Why is yoga so good for you?”

The answers are so numerous and encouraging, we hardly know where to begin!

Yoga is best known as a system of physical activity which frees the individual from the shackles of material worth and lifts them to a more enlightened existence.  First developed in India, it was later taught in Europe through Pythagoras (570-500 BC) a Greek philosopher and mathematician.  Following in his footsteps, Plato later continued this tradition of spreading spiritual knowledge and a disciplined way of life. Plato also expanded its reach to influence the moral, political and philosophical climates of Greece and civilized society in general.

Platonic Yoga: A Spiritual Discipline is a photo essay about the spiritual discipline behind the works of Plato who was greatly influenced by a school of mystics and magicians.

What’s on the Agenda?

You’ll enjoy daily morning yoga classes, a trip to blue cave and Marathonisi Island, breathing exercises, guided swimming and aquaerobics, a guided trail visit to Keri village and Marathia beach.  One massage or spa therapy session of your choice is also offered at no extra charge.  And as a special bonus, there’s a Greek cuisine workshop with the expert hotel chef!

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Your Hosts

Zante Fitness offers luxury fitness services, adventure activities, excursions, retreats, intensive bootcamps and sport camps. They design these unique experiences for travelers who want to explore Greece with a different cultural, natural and healthy way.

A Zante Fitness Retreat is a unique physical and spiritual experience, a holistic transformation, and a healthy lifestyle choice. It’s a physical and emotional transformation that takes the way you nurture your body and soul to a whole new level.  An unforgettable experience that you cherish, cultivate and then bring home with you into your everyday life.  Their yoga/fitness retreats and camps with the professional team from Gravity Exercise Studio are designed to teach you a healthy and fit lifestyle, inspired by the ancient Greek way of living.  Kalokagathiais a platonic teaching based on the philosophy of the body, mind and spirit as a whole.


Package includes a single privet room where guests will enjoy 3 nights accommodation with 3 daily delicious meals, air conditioning, freshly changed towels, hair dryers, and free WiFi.  You also have access to a hot tub, pool, sauna for greater relaxation. Visit the restaurant or barbecue area and enjoy the complimentary coffee or tea to please your palate.  Benefit from free parking on arrival, then ask for the tour assistance (offered with a smile) and bicycles available for rent!

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