Costa Rica a country considered one of the most beautiful in Latin America and the world.

Simply rich in biodiversity due to different species of plants and animals a friendly and very cheerful because of their people. Ideal for relaxing or wild tourism with options for all tastes and public.

It hosted the last Surfing World in 2016, having been one of the best places in the world to surf, has different levels unique and for that reason attracts tourists of all places and ages.

Theme for those who like to practice yoga, camping, walks in the woods, retreats and other for an very attractive price.

Costa Rica encompasses approximately 4% of the planet’s species, which is equivalent to 500,000, all within a territory equivalent to 51,100 km2, making a small country a giant in natural wealth throughout its length.

Where you can start your day surfing in the Atlantic Ocean and finish an afternoon in the Pacific, this is because they are only six hours away from each other, due to this a great demand for surfers, people who want to learn to surf or just have fun in these Retreats.
Easely you will find different activities in groups of friends or alone. Being one of the most desired destinations among the top five with great weather its beaches have waves all year long!

As a result being considered for most of all as a perfect paradise. If you are search for retreats and other activities check what to do in Costa Rica Now