There are more single parent families with every passing year in North America.  With so many added challenges and pressures in their everyday lives, they deserve a stress-free vacation as much as everyone else.  Maybe more!  But there are unique obstacles on single parent vacations that need to be researched and planned ahead of time.  Here is an overview.



Travel Tips for Single Parents

Single parent vacations are challenging enough, and if you don’t prepare some strategies in advance, you will definitely need some stress reduction. Follow these simple tips.


Safety First: For single parent vacations with young children, safety is priority #1. Be prepared for your holiday by using some common sense and remaining alert at all times.  Bring pool safety products and equipment for swimming and other physical activities.  Let relatives know where you’ll be, with flight numbers and hotel details.  Carry proper ID on you and equip your kids with instructions and emergency contact info, if they get lost.  And of course, only deal with reputable brokers, agencies and hotels.


Avoid the Single Parent Supplement: Since most family holidays were designed for 2 adults and 1-3 kids, the industry sees single parent vacations as a red flag for lost revenue.  They make up for this with the “single parent supplement fee”.  This additional cost can range from a few dollars to a third more of the original price. Though unfair, it is a reality.  Look for packages that forego this surcharge at every level (flight, hotel, excursions, etc.).


Look for Family-Friendly Hotels: Choice of accommodations can really make the difference for single parent vacations. A “Kid-friendly” option exists on many hotel and travel agency websites.  Special arrangements exist to keep the kids safe, entertained, and surrounded by other kids.  Just tell them in advance and book the best hotel for you!

Airline Stewardesses Can Help: Flight attendants aren’t only there to serve cocktails and give instructions.  They are used to helping out with kids when single parents need the restroom, or have trouble loading their carry-ons overhead while managing their children.  Don’t be shy to ask for help on how to fly with children.


Bring a Light Carriage: Baby strollers are not counted as baggage and can be checked in at the airport gate. Boarding terminals are loud and crowded with lots of strangers, so single parents shouldn’t let their little ones wander around.  Use your carriage to keep your child in view until you board the plane.


Avoid Check-In Lines: Try to bypass airport linesat check-in and security by arriving early and using latest technology. Check in 24 hours ahead from home (online) and use SMS notifications for flight status updates.  Kids of all aging start bugging out when they’re asked to stand still in a crowded place for too long, so you might lose control.


Avoid Eating in Restaurants Every Day: It’s not easy for kids to sit calmly in restaurants time after time.  You should look up some food markets near your hotel, and have some kid-friendly meal options in your room.  This way you can skip some evenings eating out or in fancy places.

Reserve Some Time Just for You: Don’t forget you’re on vacation too, so make sure to fit in some activities for when the kids are asleep or occupied.  Bring some music or a good book to enjoy by the pool or on your hotel balcony.  If there is an area where kids are supervised, go for a massage or facial to relax and allow your inner radianceto resurface.


The Takeaway

Remember, the idea is rest and relaxation for both parent and children.  Plan ahead and look for destinations that offer important features like:

  • Family-friendly restaurants, pools, and rooms
  • Extra security on the resort
  • Monitored play areas
  • Children’s programs and activitiesto give parents a break
  • Kids stay free/eat free offers
  • Avoid single parent supplement fees
  • Specialexcursion deals for single parents




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About the Author: Sal Ragusa was born in 1976, and has lived half his life in Toronto and the other half in Montreal, where he currently resides. His comical and sometimes profound Social Media Posts are all the rage among his followers, and after years of being told that he should share his writing skills with the world, Sal has decided to bring his works to market.