Everybody knows that managing a new company is not easy, but when innovating is in our blood, there is no obstacle that will make the Team Retrigo give up.

The differential of our team is that everyone does what they like, feeling free to create and give opinions. Besides, who wouldn`t like to work with physical activities/wellness plus travel? I’m passionate about both activities, so when the idea of Retrigo was presented to me, I did not think twice and I said: “I want to be part of this team and help build the community”.

We know that health and wellness market is growing rapidly, but it is still completely fragmented, since most of the companies were created by lovers of health/wellness activity, but they do not have a great knowledge of business.

Business and practice physical activities are our pleasures. We work hard every day to select the best retreats in the world and create a unique travel experience for you.

Our team has extensive experience in business and development, we are always active, we never stop practicing activities to keep us healthy. I could not present the Retrigo team just talking about the quality of the office, I have to mention also what we will do outside of it, knowing a little bit more about each of us:

Hady Zaky – Co-founder and CEO

Hady Zaky has been the founder of 4 other start-ups and has extensive experience in creating new business with 12 years work experience in business and IT industry. A business professor at Concordia University’s executive MBA program, an author, and a member of various advisory boards. He is a sports enthusiast, practices crossfit for 5 years and he was a water polo national team player

Current active start-ups:

– hzmconsulting.ca, annual revenue 500K
– NAVUT.com, annual revenue 2.5m ( Investor)

– Canadian management institute ( sold the company to partners in 2015)
– Firms IT ( application development firm that closed after 1 year in business ) 1st venture.

If you haven`t read an article about him, check out: http://blog.retrigo.com/2017/07/17/retrigo/

Haissam Zaky – CTO

Haissam is an IT professional with a great experience of different technologies and entrepreneurship activities. He has master degree in IT engineering and owner of an IT development consultancy service for the last 15 years. He almost became a professional soccer player, he has already done Krav Maga and he does Boxing.

Geoffrey Chan – Project director

Geoffrey has Over ten years of experience in product and project management, besides a great knowledge in marketing strategy. Demonstrated success in increasing revenues, earnings, achieving cost reductions and improving client satisfaction in diverse organizations. Geoffrey has bachelor`s degree in marketing and economics at Concordia University and certificate in project management at McGill. He also have founded several organization private and non-for profit.

Vitor Correia – Operations Director

Vitor has 9 years of experience in large corporations in the administrative, financial and commercial field in Brazil. He has bachelor`s degree in business administrator with specialization in Financial Control. He likes new challenges and has an excellent experience in building relationships and partners.

John Wade – Partnership Manager

John is a young entrepreneur, worked on 20+ companies/projects, human resource and team growth expert with 5 years experience in creating value added relationships. He has bachelor`s degree in international business and is currently working on growing Retrigo. He is a polyglot and mixed martial artist, and he still has time to practice Yoga.

Derek Wu – Senior adviser

Derek has an entrepreneurial spirit. He has played key Senior Management roles within several large companies (Yellow Pages Group, National Bank of Canada, CGI, Bell Canada). He is a seasoned IT Management professional with over 15 years of experience in Project Management & Test Management (6 years at Director Level), organizational process development, technical design and business analysis in the CRM, ERP, SharePoint Collaboration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Insurance, Legacy & Backend System integration, online advertisement, digital marketing and telecommunications web space & financial banking IT sectors. Derek holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University.

Founder of :

-Kwirk app

-Turing Ventures

Ludhmila Kendrick – Data mining expert

Ludhmila has 12 years of experience in database manager and programming. Ludhimila has bachelor`s degree in computer science. She implements and maintain database security, identify performance and define solutions data mining solutions, besides helping in the development of the site. Ludhimila is an active team member of Retrigo that works proactively on improving the organization’s information management.

Anuj Khosla – Events Manager

Anuj has diverse experience in organization development, financial management, human resource training as well as event planning and coordination. He is capable of efficiently accomplishing multiple tasks and excellent in problem solving.  Upon graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in  Arts and in Commerce,  Anuj has held several leadership and management positions in Costa Rica, Sweden and France within AIESEC, an international youth development and exchange organization.  For over 14 years, he has worked as Director of Finance and Administration at EyeSteelFilm, a Montreal-based independent film production company.  Anuj is currently working as an independent consultant and accountant, as well as venturing into supporting several start-up initiatives.  On the cultural side, Anuj dances with a Hungarian folk dance group, and is an active volunteer and participant with numerous arts festivals in Montréal.  Anuj is passionate about travel, culture and leading an active healthy lifestyle.

Everyone is always willing to help, starting with our CEO. You can contact some of us, I’m sure it will be well taken care of.


E-mail: info@retrigo.com or request one of our friendly Agents to contact you from our Web Page

About the Author: Vitor Correia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been living in Montreal for 1 year. Passionate about sports and travel. He found in Retrigo the opportunity to gather work and leisure.