How long have you been thinking about going away and blowing off some steam?  What’s been holding you back?  Maybe the cost…the planning…the extended time off?  When it has been a while and we’re intimidated by the idea, we think of lots of reasons to put it off or avoid it altogether.  Maybe what you need is an “easy” vacation option, and to find out how accessible retreats really are.  There’s not much planning involved, they only take a couple of days, and they’re more affordable than you think!

The Price Tag

If the first obstacle stopping you from taking the plunge and booking an awesome retreat is the price tag, have you really taken a good look?  They’re really not that expensive, and will certainly take less out of your pocketbook than Prozac or Therapy for depression.  With all the alternatives out there, money should never be a barrier to happiness, or practicing the activities you love.

Physical exertion, fresh air, and sunshine are free.  The opportunity to join people just like you to get away from it all and practice relaxation techniques far away from daily grind?  That’s priceless.

Unless you demand limo service with champagne and caviar at breakfast, there’s no reason why a 3-4 day holiday getaway should break the bank.  After all, how are you going to get back in touch with nature to really recharge your batteries?  Get out there with a real grassroots retreat escape and rough it for once!

Try Crowdsourcing to Fund your Retreat

If you’ve ever seen crowdsourcing (aka crowdfunding) being used to launch a business or project, you know that asking others for help online can be a powerful tool.  This time, try asking your loved ones to invest in your health and wellness instead of a creative endeavor.


Don’t know where to start?  The top crowdfunding platforms as of February 2018 are:

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo
  3. Patreon
  4. GoFundMe
  5. Crowdrise
  6. PledgeMusic
  7. Razoo
  8. RocketHub
  9. Crowdfunder
  10. Give


Most of these campaigns last only a few months, so don’t wait until the last minute to start promoting. Share your goal on all social media channels and see how fast the contributions come in.

The Planning

Just decide what types of activities you’re into, and what countries you’d consider going to, and log onto retrigo.comBrowse retreats by any number of criteria, and even customize your experience for the “easy” vacation option.  All the logistics are taken care of for you.

Just book, pack your bag, and show up!

The Time Off

If you can’t take a day or two off work (in addition to a weekend) or dedicate one full week of your earned vacation time to a mental health break, then you really don’t want it.  Either that, or you work for a slave-driver and need to find a new job before it’s too late!  (ok, we’re kind of kidding with that one, but seriously…reality check!!)

Think of this as a minimal-commitment way to break the ice and get back into a vacation frame of mind.  There’s nothing intimidating, overly expensive, or difficult about booking a retreat.  It’s The “Easy” Vacation.  And believe us when we tell you, getting away from it all from time to time is a must!  Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


About the Author: Sal Ragusa was born in 1976, and has lived half his life in Toronto and the other half in Montreal, where he currently resides. His comical and sometimes profound Social Media Posts are all the rage among his followers, and after years of being told that he should share his writing skills with the world, Sal has decided to bring his works to market.