At Retrigo, we operate in many different countries to offer our services. Among all the countries from 6 continents that we have worked with, we found out that we gained a lot of popularity in some of them and have kept doing business with them ever since. Without further ado, here is our pick for the 5 countries with the best retreats that we operate the most in. We have to thank each of the following countries for their patronage.


Brazil retreat


To make it simple, Brazil is a big country with a big population that is big on physical activities and well-being. That’s right! In Brazil, over half a million people go on a retreat every year. That’s a lot of people who were interested in our retreats! People get to choose from Capoeira, Kitesurf, Paragliding and much more. We simply couldn’t ignore it.


canada retreat


The most yoga practitioners in the world is in Canada. It also happens to be the country where Retrigo is based! Just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to go really far to live a wonderful retreat experience. There are a lot of precious memories to be made at home as well.

Costa Rica

costa rica retreat

Costa Rica

We have sold a lot of packages in Costa Rica, and for all of them, we have received great reviews. This is probably due to the fact that Costa Rica is an extremely popular destination for surfers, as its waves are perfectly suited for surfing, no matter the level of expertise. Also, the local population is very hospitable and will be ready to assist you with anything you might need, from telling you about nearby surfing spots to even helping you learn how to surf!


spain best retreats countries


Spain is the most commonly chosen destination in Europe for retreats. Retrigo currently has almost 30 active retreats in Spain with various types of activities, including bootcamp, crossfit, hiking, meditation, surfing, tennis, weight loss, and yoga.

The United States

United States Retreat

United States

Like Canada, the United States is ranked among the 3 countries with the most yoga practitioners in the world. Several American yoga companies have relied on our services to attract customers and have gotten great reviews for their retreats afterwards.

Of course, every single country we have partnered with is worthy of recognition. This article was simply a list of the ones who stood out in popularity among our customers and have helped us gain more and more attention over the years. Therefore, if you’re out of ideas for your next retreat destination, you should start considering the countries listed above. As always, a happy retreat to all our readers!