surprizing facts about canada

Surprising facts you’ve never heard about Canada

Talk to someone who’s never been to Canada, and they might ask about beavers, maple syrup, and hockey.  Apparently it snows 12 months a year, and everyone has a pet moose outside their igloo.  The most common job is lumberjack, and people speak kinda funny (eh?).  Welllll, that’s not reeeally accurate, and anyone who has ever taken vacations in Canada knows better.  There’s hot sun, fresh flowing water, huge bustling cities, and LOTS to do!

While some of the below might play into the stereotype, here are some surprising facts we bet you didn’t know about Canada:

  • Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world.


  • It’s larger than the whole European Union (33 times greater than Italy, 15 times the size of France, five times as big as Mexico).



  • The world’s longest highway is the Trans-Canada Highway, at over 7604 kilometres (4725 miles) across.


  • That line between Canada and the USA is the world’s longest unprotected border. It stretches 8891 km (5525 mi), including the 2475 km separating Canada from Alaska.



  • The highest mountain in Canada is Mt Logan, Yukon Territory, which rises to 5959 metres (19,551 feet).



  • Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world.


  • Canada boasts 563 lakes greater than 100 square kilometres. More total lake area than every other country on the globe.


  • Canada has the world’s longest coastline: 202,080 of the world’s total 356,000 kilometres!


  • Canada has an incredible 30% of the world’s boreal forest areaand 10% of the world’s forest cover.



  • Canada has more oil than anyone knows. A whopping 70.8% of the world’s estimated 250 billion accessible barrels!


  • Canada has North America’s strongest current: the Discovery Passage has some of the strongest tidal currents ever with flood speeds of 17 km/h and ebb speeds of 18 km/h.


  • Superman was co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster in 1934.


  • Almost 90% of Canada’s population is focused to within 160 km (100 mi) of the Canada/USA border.



  • The east coast of Canada was settled by Vikings in approximately 1000 AD.


  • Molson-Coors Canada is the oldest brewery (founded in 1786) and continues to make beer on the original brewery site in Montreal to this day.

surprizing facts about canada

As for exciting vacations in Canada, there is more here than you could ever discover in 10 lifetimes!  Every type of physical activity and method of relaxation, influenced by every known culture on the planet:

The Spring River Run Edition features a thrilling paddling experience down Parks Creek (Roslin, ON), as the water runs high and moves fast, creating rapids leading into waterfalls.

How about a Women’s Retreat with the theme “Nature & Life”?  There you’ll share: heightened consciousness, creativity, wellness, healing, and transformation.  Release your fears, live a vital experience in your body. To be in deep forest, to take root, to feel at one with our earth.  They teach women to be grounded, and make contact with oneself through nature and their senses.

A truly unique experience will be Camp Retrigo.  Join us for an all-inclusive experience that includes a mix of activities such as white-water rafting, campfires and parties. Accommodation, meals, activity and the required gear are all included in the registration price.


So expand your horizons and try something different this time.  If you’re thinking of a vacation in Canada this year, make sure to explore some of the above, and enjoy this fantastic country at its best!