So you think you know Costa Rica?  Well, here are some amazing facts we bet you never knew before.

Vacations in Costa Rica

What comes to mind when you think of Costa Rica?  Sand, sun, coffee, rum, music?  Sure, but there’s a whole lot more you don’t know about, which could make this your next vacation spot of choice!


Costa Rica is the little country with big heart, and offers everything you could ever hope for on holiday.  You’ve probably heard that the friendly locals have a love for life, that the food is a delight, and there’s a lot of exotic nature there.  What more could there be in such a small place?  You’ll find out about vacations in Costa Rica below…


  • Pura Vidais used by the locals when asked how they are, or to say hello or goodbye.


  • It’s one of the premiere environmental destinations in the world. (over 100 protected areas; 25% of the land is protected forests and reserves)

  • Ice cream flavors are off the wall (like sour cream, goat cheese, wild blackberry, and chipotle blueberry)


  • Monkeys are one of the most common mammals of Costa Rica. (4 common species are the Howler, Spider, White-Faced and Squirrel)


  • The country is home to over 52 species of hummingbird.


  • More than 10% of the worlds butterflies live here.


  • Costa Ricans call themselves ticos(males) and ticas (females).


  • Ticosrefer to their mates as their “media naranja” (the other half of their orange).


  • There are usually no street names or addresses.



  • Costa Rica is only slightly smaller than Lake Michigan, with 1289 km of coastline.


  • Costa Rica has no standing army.


  • Instead of saying a woman “had a baby,” ticossay “ella dio a luz.” (she gave light).


  • Costa Ricans have a remarkably high life expectancy of almost 78 years.


  • Costa Rica has a 96% literacy rate.


  • Costa Rica’s president, Luis Guillermo Solís, won the 2014 election with over 77% of the vote.


Surrounded by water, with picturesque landscapes and an active society, Costa Rica is a perfect match for people seeking an active vacation in the sun.  Would you like to enjoy this beautiful country without sacrificing your daily exercise?  Would you like to learn how to surf too?  Then this CrossFit and Surf Camp is for you.

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Imagine riding a horse deep into the Costa Rican jungle to discover a native Indian reserve and feel like you’ve gone back in time.  Take a boat trip to the surf, learn to make chocolate, do yoga, and support the indigenous community by shopping their local products.  All in this phenomenal Surf, Yoga, Jungle Adventure Retreat.



If you’re going on a retreat holiday in Costa Rica, you’ve got a lot to discover!