Surprising facts about Spain you’ve never heard before

vacations in Spain

So you think you know España?  We bet there’s a whole lot you’ve never discovered! Oh yes, there’s much more than just the architecture, the shopping in Barcelona, the paella and the matadors.  Spain has tons to offer, from the running of the bulls to flamenco dance and beautiful beaches.  Read on to find out how vacations in Spain can open up a whole different world.

  • The Kingdom of Spain, as it’s officially known, is the second largest country in the EU.


  • Spanish is the 2nd most popular language in the world. Around 410 million people speak Spanish as their first or native language.


  • Spain –not Italy– produces almost half (44%) of the world’s Olive Oil supply. The highest producing region is Andalucia.  Who knew?!


  • The Puerta del Sol (“Gate of the Sun”) plaza in Madrid is the physical center of the country.


  • Party time! Spain is home to the wildest, weirdest, funnest fiestas and festivals… more than anywhere else in the world.  Tomato-throwing fight, anyone?


  • The island of Ibiza is one of Europe’s favourite party destinations. More than 2 million tourists descend upon Ibiza each year to soak in the sun and party at its huge clubs.


  • There is a Spanish New Year custom called Twelve Grapes. This tradition sees Spaniards celebrating by eating one grape for each toll of the bell when it reaches 12 o’clock.


  • Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali –two of the most important artists of the 20th century– were both Spanish. Their works are still prominently displayed.


  • Legendary FC Barcelona (football or “soccer” team, if you prefer) has the largest privately-owned sports stadium in the world, with an astounding 99,786 seats. A favourite on the tourist trail of things to see.


  • Spain is the least densely populated country in Europe, with plenty of wild and wonderful open space!

vacations in Spain

Did you know that Spain is also one of the foremost countries in the world for active retreats?  Indeed, with the wealth of natural resources and enlightened culture, you can find it all.  Despite the age-old heritage which is still alive today, there’s a mentality which welcomes all forms of recreation.  Old ideas and new on your vacations in Spain!


The availability of beautiful beaches and access to water has made water sports in Spain a speciality.  One look and you’ll be seduced by the Aqua Gym Camp in Las Palmas, surrounded by 5 spectacular nature reserves and the volcanic mountain panoramas.  Tempted to try some exhilarating kitesurf  in Santa Cruz de Tenerife? Give yourself the gift of wellbeing in a nature and hiking yoga retreat in Southern Spain, Andalucia.    How about a Tennis Camp on Fuerteventura?

vacations in Spain

So expand your horizons and try something different this time.  If you’re thinking of a vacation in Spain this year, make sure to explore some of the above, and enjoy this fantastic country at its best!