Surprising things about the States you never knew

surprizing things about usa

What do you imagine when someone says America?  The Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Oprah Winfrey, Wall Street, hot dogs, or the casinos in Las Vegas?  Sure, that’s what we see in the media, but have you really explored this fantastic country?  The wealth of picturesque wide open country, quiet peaceful nature, mountains, rivers, and a culture of physical fitness that will surprise you.  Of all the countries that could say “We’ve got it all”, the United States might rank #1.  Reshape your thinking about vacations in the USA, as you read below.



  • The US is possibly the most multicultural society, with every civilized country in the world represented.


  • Together, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers combine to form the 4th longest river system in the world.


  • The tallest mountain is found in Mount McKinley (Alaska) with maximum elevation of 20,320 ft (6,194 m) above sea level.


  • Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona covers 4,926 km². The canyon itself is 277 miles (446 km) long, 18 miles (29 km) wide, and is over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters) deep.


  • Everglades National Park is the country’s largest subtropical wilderness. At 1.5 million acres in size (yet only 20% of the historic Everglades ecosystem) the park provides a unique home for endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile, and the rare Florida panther.



  • The most populated city in the USA is New York, with Los Angeles and Chicago in the top 3.


  • English is the most common language, with Spanish as #2, though there is technically no official language for the entire country.


  • The first man to walk on the moon was American Neil Armstrong in 1969.


  • The most popular team sports there are American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

surprizing things about usa



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surprizing things about usa

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