Some activities are good for the body. Some are good for the mind. Some are both. This is the perfect description for a sport like Kung-fu. The more you try it, the more you will be aware of the wholesome balance it creates between body and mind. Plus, you’ll be able to copy all of Bruce Lee’s and Jackie Chan’s movements as you see them on TV! Read through for more detailed reasons for starting kung-fu today!

Good for the Body

Body activity

If you’re tired of the same old gym routine, kung-fu is a great way to spice up your training sessions without sacrificing their efficiency. Its techniques are straight and solid, yet smooth and artistic at the same time. They require a lot of focus and strength to execute, so you definitely won’t be missing out on a good challenge by trying out kung-fu!

Good for Overall Health


The acrobatic aspect of kung-fu techniques you see in movies are only one of the many sides of kung-fu. This martial art is also known for improving flexibility, endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular performance, among many others. Some styles of kung-fu aren’t even that artsy and complex to execute. They are referred to as “low impact” and include Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang.

Good for Body Creativity

You can pretend to be so many things while practicing kung-fu! Soar the skies with the crane position! Hide in the subtlest places with the mantis position! Fiercely scare your opponents away with the tiger position! There’s no limit to what your imagination can make you do! During your kung-fu practices, you will practice executing all sorts of poses that require a different positioning of the arms, the legs, and even the head. They all serve a purpose of either attacking or defending yourself. Become a different creature and feel the effect of it on your physical and mental health!

We hope to have motivated you to give kung-fu a try very soon! If that’s the case, we have just the retreat for you! We are giving you the chance to learn and practice kung-fu in… China!

Oh yes, we did! Here’s the link to it:

As always, have a great week and a happy retreat!

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