What is the best destination for women?

Anywhere they want to go!

More and more women are going on personal retreats, and choosing to have fun for themselves.

The movement of women’s independence has been gaining strength and there is an increasing trend of women travelling on their own. Take a well-deserved break from your busy lifestyle and create more time for yourself.  Create your own wonderful experience!

woman love travel

Why travel alone?

Because they want to be in control of their travel experience and they are not afraid … well even if they are, anyway they are going anyway. More and more individuals are choosing to travel alone.

An interesting fact of this market is as in some activities in which men were predominant, now women are the majority, as in yoga being 82% female public.  With Retrigo one can find a unique trip, with full security, a moment of wellness for mind and body, a time to fall in love with this lifestyle.

woman love travel

Retreats for women only in Retrigo, here are some suggestions:

  • This weekend March 2, 3 and 4 – “Retreat for femmes Nature & Vie” will take place in Quebec, Canada. Meditation, contact with nature, transformation, energy, healthy food, friendly environment… check it out.


  • Also enjoy our retreat – “Senorita Surf & Yoga Retreat” in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Experience a twice a day surf sessions, daily yoga classes, a light and healthy breakfast and lunch, the best night time activities, and a fun surf contest at the end of the camp.

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About the Author: Gabriela Santana was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is currently living in Montreal, Canada. She loves travel and her priority is to have a wellness lifestyle. She invested in Retrigo and works with passion and dedication to help build and promote the Retrigo’s unique offerings of retreats.