The gestation period brings many changes to the life of the women and the couple, the habits change along with the body and mentality of the pregnant woman. Research points to yoga practice as a tool for exercising the body and mind during pregnancy, facilitating the acceptance of the changes that are occurring in the body of the mother and her baby, among the many benefits are improvements in blood circulation, energy generation, emotional control and spiritual.

Yoga has its origin in India and has been practiced for thousands of years, nowadays it is conquering more and more followers of Western and Eastern culture, being its greater public the feminine one. The physical results in the body provide increased oxygenation which leaves the uterus becomes more relaxed, decreased swelling and greater control serenity in mood swings. This pro-yoga movement has been growing and gaining credibility after proving its results through scientific research over the past few years becoming an option for healthy pregnancy benefiting mother and child.

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