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Martial Arts: the benefits beyond the ac...

martial arts benefits

When one practices martial arts, one is not just practicing an activity. One is starting a journey. They represent the journey we go on when we pursue something better, something greater, something higher than where we currently are. We face trials and tribulations. We lose confidence in ourselves. We, sometimes,  lose our sense of meaning. […]

Muay Thai: Defend Yourself the Thai Way

Muay Thai

When they think “boxing” or “fighting,” many people tend to associate these concepts with punching and traditional boxing gloves worn on the hands. But did you know that there’s a predominant style of boxing in Asia where you can practically make your whole body join the fight? It’s called “Muay Thai.” You may or may […]

Ninja-MMA Martial Arts & Fitness Camp in


BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR!   For those looking for a long term martial arts adventure lifestyle while learning a new skill and becoming an Instructor in the Martial Science. Rick Tew teaches people how to become instructors, leaders, and coaches in an area of expertise that they love so that they can create a life around […]