travelling as a couple

Enjoying a retreat with you hubby might be very refreshing. You’ll definitely break away from everyday while strengthening your bonds. Your main challenge, though, might be choosing the perfect retreat. Retrigo listed the 5 main reasons why enjoying a retreat with your other half might be a good idea.

1- Strengthen your bonds

travelling as a couple

Doing something that both of you enjoy can get you closer. It’s even better if that something is relaxing and fun. Besides, you won’t feel lonely and will have someone to share your thoughts while enjoying a magnificent activity.

2 – Both of you can learn something new 

If you’ve never taken surf lessons or practised yoga, this will be a great opportunity to learn something new and at the same time share this amazing experience with someone that you love. Many retreats help you to find the “real you”, give you personal insights and make you realize the value in working on yourself every day.

3 – Nature let’s you unwind – and your hubby too

One of the biggest advantages of going on a retreat is that it offers you proximity to nature and its healing touch. Being close to nature has shown to reduce the production of cortisol—our primary stress hormone. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings, and plants allow you to unwind and be thoroughly rejuvenated so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return.

4 – No complicated planning required 

Sometimes, planning a getaway with your loved one can be stressful. When enjoying retreats everything is already set up. This means you don’t have to worry about things like scheduling, reservations, waiting in lines, finding locations, etc. Retreats allow you to focus solely on your own well-being and truly offer you a stress free time-off.

5 – You can meet other couples and make new friends

It’s pretty common that when stuck in a daily routine, we don’t try to get to know other people. Enjoying a retreat with your other half might be a good opportunity for both of you to make new friends and share knowledge. You will get to know people that share the same interests as you and even meet others with something new to share.

travelling as couple

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About the author: Carolina Repacci recently moved to Montreal from Brazil. Passionate about travelling, her next destination is South Africa and its amazing safaris. She is constantly improving her cooking skills as she makes the best ceviche and guacamole in the world (or Canada). Recently she discovered another passion: ski!