Escape to Salento for a 7-Day Yoga Retreat and find peace at every breath


Retrigo and Organic Tribe Salento B&B invite you on a dream retreat vacation and life transformation you’ll never forget!

About Your Destination

A stroll through Salento is a journey into Baroque architecture, with churches and palazzi embroidered in stone, alongside courtyards, secret gardens and a stunning Roman amphitheater at the heart of the city. In Brindisi, discover two castles and the spectacular views from the Regina Margherita seafront.

A sun-kissed territory all year round, Salento is a treasure trove of unique art, exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, and genuine hospitality. The area boasts a fabulous landscape, ranging from Italy’s Adriatic coast along Melendugno, Santa Cesarea Terme and Otranto, to the Ionian Sea and the golden beaches of Porto Cesareo, Portoselvaggio and Gallipoli.  You will truly find peace at every breath.

Take a hike across century-old masserie (manor farms), often turned into sophisticated hotels, and discover Early Christian churches and underground olive-mills. While here, do not miss the amazing sea caves in Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca.


Organic Tribe Salento B&B has 3 rooms. All their suites have a balcony, private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, and Wi-Fi. The Family Suite is for 4 guests, with queen-size bed and 2 beds. The Double Suite bedroom is for 2 people (with option of adding an extra bed). The Triple Suite is for 3, with twin beds or one queen and a one twin bed.

Their rooms are furnished in a sober, elegant and modern style. Light sandy colors, combined with white and wood finishing, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A contemporary style that joins objects and artifacts of local and Italian crafts.  Organic Tribe Salento B&B guarantees a comfortable environment and a healthy rest that will renew your energy.  This is how to retreat, revive, rejuvenate in Italy!

Your Yoga Instructor

Irene Devi Mapai has been practicing yoga for ten years and has been a vinyasa yoga teacher for three years. She has also an extensive experience in 5Rhythms practice.  Apart from her native Italy, she has traveled to sacred places in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Bimini-Bahamas, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Ireland, and Avalon-UK.

Irene is powerfully connected to the subtle realms of our existence through her pure heart. Her voice is a healing medium through which she channels spiritual frequencies.  She brings consciousness awakening, spiritual guidance, ancient wisdom, intuition and a powerful transformative divine feminine energy to her classes, workshops, and retreats that she has been guiding since 2010.

Why this Yoga?

There’s good reason for yoga to have ascended among the top wellness trends in the world today.  With unfamiliar names like “Ashtanga,” “Bikram,” and “Vinyasa,” it can be hard for beginners to understand all the styles of yoga.  If you just remember that Vinyasa means breath synchronized movement, you’ll know everything you need about this amazing style.

So what is Vinyasa Yoga?  Whether you’re just starting, or you’re looking to try something different, there are many good reasons to try Vinyasa, among the most popular styles at all levels.  In Vinyasa yoga classes, students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.  Vinyasa Flow refers to the way this method keeps you moving from asana to asana.  Your instructor keeps the movements smooth and continuous, which helps you stay focused during the session.

Could this be your dream vacation?  Don’t let this chance slip away…       book it now and retreat to Italy!

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